Return and exchange instructions

Return and exchange instructions:

Our company's service attitude is professional and cautious, and we repeatedly review orders before sending out to ensure that the products are of good quality. Please verify the product as soon as possible after receiving it. If the product complies with our "Return and Exchange Policy", we will make relevant arrangements for you. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, we will not accept any request for exchange or order cancellation.

The return and exchange policy does not cover any items that have been abused, altered, misused or damaged by accident or intentional abuse. As the buyer, you understand that these products are moderately durable items, but they are not indestructible. If these products/items are handled improperly or roughly, the product will be damaged. As a buyer, you understand this and the return policy does not cover such situations.

When customers choose to pick up their items at our BANG BANG Ltd local store and leave the premises, it signifies that they have inspected and accepted the product without any issues. By purchasing the item, they acknowledge that it is in satisfactory condition. Therefore, we cannot accept returns or exchanges once the customer has left the store with the product.

Any damages or modifications to the product that occur after the customer leaves the store are considered to be caused by human intervention and are beyond our control. This includes intentional dismantling, alterations, or any damage inflicted by the customer or any third party. We cannot be held responsible for such damages once the product has left our store.

The only circumstances in which we accept returns or exchanges are if the product itself has a pre-existing issue or defect that is not related to human intervention. This includes manufacturing defects, malfunctioning components, or any other problems that are not caused by the customer.

It is important for customers to understand and acknowledge these points before completing a local pick-up transaction. By proceeding with the pick-up process and leaving the store with the product, customers affirm their agreement to these terms regarding the no return policy.

*Bang Bang Ltd retains the right to decide in the end on any disagreements and any requests for returns.


Return and exchange procedures:

  • To safeguard your rights and interests, please keep a record of the entire procedure upon receiving the items. The entire video file will be the foundation if there are any issues with the product, damage from crushing during transit, etc. (the entire video will be captured starting from the unopened state of the delivery box)


  • The video must clearly capture the (unopened state), (unpacking process), (object body), (product details), etc.


  • "Original clear unboxing video" must be clearly visible throughout the video. Videos with evident editing marks or those that are fast-forwarded won't be allowed.


  • Returning items must be in their original condition, which is the same as when they were delivered. Additionally, the product body, accessories, packing, guarantee, cartons, gifts, add-on items, and any associated documentation should all be kept in their original packaging. Everything needs to be in good condition and complete—there can't be any missing pieces, omissions, blemishes, damage, or dirt. When opening, please be cautious.


  • If you have any concerns about the product, please contact Bang Bang customer service staff with [ Full video file] via email: or Whatsapp within 3 days from the day (inclusive) of receipt, late application will not be accepted.


  • Product exchanges must be completed within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods, including holidays. After 7 days, no return, refund, or exchange service will be provided.


  • Any applicable taxes and the cost of return shipment must be covered by the buyer.


Conditions under which product exchanges, refunds, or returns are accepted:

*Bang Bang Ltd retains the right to decide any disagreement in the end.*

  1. Applications submitted within the 7-day return period after receipt;
  2. The items are defective, damage not caused by man or have quality problems;
  3. The product delivered is different from the product ordered;
  4. The product delivered clearly did not match the description on the website.
  5. The item is unused and in the condition in which it was sold, together with all of the parts and accessories supplied came with the item, including instructions, certificates, labels, tags, consumables, bags, and boxes;
  6. The ordered item is out of stock.

Conditions under which product exchanges, refunds, or returns are NOT accepted:

*Bang Bang Ltd retains the right to decide any disagreement in the end.*

  1. Requests made after the 7-day return period;
  2. The items have been used or have lost parts and accessories, including instructions, certificates, labels, markings, consumables, bags, and boxes;
  3. The products are partial, dented, damaged, or not in their original packaging;
  4. Did not notify Bang Bang via email / Whatsapp before returning or exchanging the product;
  5. Due to personal factors such as product size, design or color incompatibility;
  6. Product size errors due to different measurement methods;
  7. Purchase of inappropriate products due to personal reasons;
  8. The store has listed discounted products or special offers or on sale that are not returnable or exchangeable;
  9. Gifts (gifts are not returnable or exchangeable under any circumstances);
  10. The product sustains damage from human error or suffers significant harm during client transportation;
  11. There is a reasonable deviation between the picture and the actual object (color difference caused by light, display or shooting, etc.);
  12. Other unreasonable return and exchange applications.


Please confirm before buying as the following items cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are defective:

  1. Unpacked personal hygiene products: such as masks
  2. Consumable products: such as BBs, gas, lubricating oil, and anti-fog spray
  3. Customized/customized products
  4. Digital content that isn't delivered on a physical medium, like gift cards and Downloadable software products.


How to proceed when there is a return and exchange period:

  1. Please contact us by email via or Whatsapp within 7 days of receipt (inclusive of the day of receipt ) if the customer's merchandise is eligible for a return or exchange. so that we can provide our clients with the appropriate arrangements.

  2. Please include the following details for arrangements when submitting your application:
    1. Order number and receipt
    2. Product name, photo, and complete video file after receipt
    3. Reasons for returns and exchanges
    4. Indicate whether you want a refund or exchange

  3. We will review the application after we receive it, taking into account the information you have supplied. We will send the applicant a confirmation email if their application is approved.

  4. Please visit our physical store at 26 Kwong Wah Street, Mong Kok, and appropriately wrap any items that need to be returned. Don't forget to provide a copy of the email or order.






退換貨政策不涵蓋任何因意​​外或故意濫用、改動、誤用或損壞的物品。 作為買家,您了解這些產品是中等耐用的物品,但它們並非堅不可摧。 若這些產品/物品處理不當或粗暴處理,產品將會損壞。 作為買家,您了解這一點,並且退貨政策不涵蓋此類情況。

當顧客選擇在 BANG BANG Ltd 門市購買或取貨並離開商店時,即表示他們已檢查並接受該產品,沒有任何問題。 透過購買該物品,他們承認該物品狀況令人滿意。 因此,一旦顧客帶著產品離開商店,我們就不能接受退貨或換貨。

顧客離開商店後發生的任何產品損壞或修改均被視為人為損壞,超出我們的控制範圍。 這包括故意拆卸、改動或客戶 / 任何第三方造成的任何損壞。 產品離開我們商店後,我們對此類損壞不承擔任何責任。

我們接受退貨或換貨的唯一情況是產品本身存在與人為損壞無關的預先存在的問題或缺陷。 這包括製造時的缺陷、非人為損壞的組件故障或非客戶造成的任何其他問題。

客戶在完成本地取貨交易之前了解並確認這些要點非常重要。 透過繼續提貨流程並帶著產品離開商店,客戶確認他們同意這些有關不退貨政策的條款。

*Bang Bang Ltd 保留任何爭議及所有退貨請求最終決定權


  • 收到商品時請全程錄影,保障您的權益,如遇品項宥問題、運送過程擠壓破損等、以【完整錄影檔】為依據(從外送箱未開封的狀態開始拍攝才是完整錄影檔)

  • 影片需清楚拍攝【未拆封狀態】、【開箱過程】、【物件本體】、【貨品明細】等。

  • 影片需清楚拍攝「原檔清晰開箱影片」,快轉或有明顯剪輯痕跡的影片皆不在受理範圍。

  • 您所退回之商品須為原狀(商品到貨時的原始狀態),並請保持包裝完整,包含商品本體、配件、包裝、保證書、紙箱、贈品、加購品,以及所附之相關文件資料,皆須完整 (無缺少、無遺漏、無刮傷、無損壞、無髒汙)。開封前請務必注意。

  • 商品若有疑慮,請您於收貨當天起(含),三天內以電郵︰ 聯絡 Bang Bang 客戶服務員提供【完整錄影檔】,逾時恕不予受理。

  • 自收到商品之日起算,包含假日於收到商品七天內須完成商品換貨,超過七天後恕無法提供任何退貨、退款、換貨服務。

  • 客戶必須承擔所有退貨運費以及可能產生的任何稅費。

*Bang Bang Ltd 保留任何爭議之最終決權*

  1. 於收貨後 7 天退換期內提出的申請;
  2. 商品有瑕疵或非人為之破損或品質問題;
  3. 送抵之商品與訂購之商品不同;
  4. 送抵之商品與網站描述明顯不相符。
  5. 商品未經使用並處於原先出售的狀態,連同與商品提供的所有零件及配件,包括說明書、證書、標籤、標記、消耗品、袋及盒
  6. 已訂購貨品缺貨。



不接受商品退換貨的情況 (包括但不限於下述情況):
*Bang Bang Ltd 保留任何爭議之最終決

  1. 於 7 天退換期後提出的申請;
  2. 商品已經使用或損失貨物零件及配件,包括說明書、證書、標籤、標記、消耗品、袋及盒;
  3. 商品並未保持完好包裝、已凹損、受破壞、損毀或不完整;
  4. 顧客於退換貨前未有與本公司以電郵 / Whatsapp 通知;
  5. 因商品尺寸、設計或顏色不合等個人因素;
  6. 因測量方式的不同而出現的商品尺碼誤差;
  7. 因個人原因導致購買不合適的商品;
  8. 商店已列明不設退換貨的折扣商品或特價產品;
  9. 贈品(贈品於任何情況下均不獲退換);
  10. 商品本身因人為損毁,或因顧客搬運時導致之嚴重損毀;
  11. 圖片與實物有合理偏差(因光線、顯示器或拍攝等原因導致之色差等);
  12. 其他不合理的退換貨申請。


  1. 拆封之個人衛生用品:如口罩
  2. 耗材性質商品:如 BB 彈、氣、潤滑油、防霧噴霧
  3. 客製化/訂製型商品
  4. 非以有形媒介提供的數位內容︰如禮品卡


  1. 若客戶的商品符合我們的退換貨原則,請您於收貨當天起(含),7 天內以電郵︰  聯絡本公司提出換貨或退款要求。以便我們為客戶作出相關安排。

  2. 提出申請時請提供以下資料以便安排:
    a. 訂單號碼及付款証明
    b. 收貨後的商品名稱、照片及完整錄影檔
    c. 退貨、換貨原因
    d. 說明要求退款還是換貨

  3. 收到申請後,我們會就所提供的資料進行批核。若申請獲受理,申請人會收到我們的確定電郵。

  4. 請妥善包好需要退回的貨品及附上該電郵副本或訂單,親臨我們門市 :旺角廣華街26號。