Shipping Fees

Shipping fees

Shipping costs for all orders depend on the weight, size, and region of the product, as well as the shipping method you choose, and are calculated on an individual package basis. All package dimensions and weight are measured after packaging.

Verify that the shipping address you provided is accurate. There will be no refund and the customer will be liable for additional shipping and handling costs if a mistaken address is provided that necessitates reshipping or results in the package being lost.

Hong Kong area:

The following are the shipping fees handling guidelines, with the exception of any activity mentioned explicitly on the website:

  • When your order after the discount exceeds HKD 600, you can take advantage of free shipping. (*Note: There can only be one free shipping discount per order. You will be responsible for paying the second shipping fee if the shipment is returned and needs to be resent because of personal issues like an incorrect address or no one available to pick it up.

  • If the order amount is less than HKD 600 after the discount, the shipping fee will be charged according to the weight of the package and the region.


International area:

Shipping fees are basic charges for non-remote areas. Additional charges may apply in some remote areas and Bang Bang Ltd reserves the right to charge additional shipping charges even if the buyer completes the checkout process.

As a Customer, you should understand that it is your responsibility to check local import law and local tax regulations before purchasing this product/item.

  • Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and size of the package, the shipping location, and the shipping method. Fees may vary as shipping location or shipping method changes.

  • The post office calculates the shipping fee for overseas delivery after we pack the parcel. We will schedule delivery after charging the product price and the cost of international shipping simultaneously.
  • There will be additional shipping costs to cover both packages if the item needs to be shipped in two separate shipments.

  • You can calculate shipping costs before checkout as follows:
  1. Add product to your shopping cart
  2. Go to the shopping cart
  3. You will see a "Calculate Shipping" button
  4. Enter your country, state, and zip code
  5. It will list shipping options and shipping costs for your reference

  • The recipient is going to be regarded as the importer of record and needs to follow all destination rules. The destination country or region (henceforth referred to as "the tax") may impose taxes (such as value-added tax, sales tax, import tax, goods and services tax), customs duties, and other fees on orders fulfilled outside of Hong Kong. This tax is collected when an international cargo arrives in the recipient's country, and recipients may be obliged to pay it. The recipient must pay additional costs for customs clearance.

  • Shipping costs do not include additional taxes and surcharges






請確保您的送貨地址正確。 *如因為個人失誤,提供不正確地址,導致需要重新運送或包裹遺失,恕將不會作任何退款,買家需承擔額外的運費和手續費。




  • 除網站特別註明的活動外,運費處理原則如下:
    • 訂單金額折扣後滿港幣 600元,即可享免運費優惠。(*請注意: 每張訂單只可享有一次的免運費優惠,如因為個人問題例如: 地址錯誤、無人收件等,導致包裹被退回需要重寄的話,需要閣下自行承擔第二次的運費。)

    • 訂單金額折扣後未滿港幣 600元,需跟據包裹重量及地區收取運費。


運費是非偏遠地區的基本費用。 某些偏遠地區可能會收取額外費用,即使買家完成結帳流程,Bang Bang Ltd 也有權收取額外的運費。


  • 運費是根據包裹的重量和尺寸、發貨地點和發貨方式計算的。隨著發貨地點或發貨方式的變化,費用也會有所不同。

  • 海外配送運費以最終完成包裹後郵局計算為準。我們會同時收取商品價格及海外運費。

  • 如商品需要分拆為兩個獨立包裹寄出,將會另外收取額外的運費以涵蓋兩個包裹。


  • 您可以在結帳前計算運費如下:
    • 將產品加入您的購物車中
    • 前往購物車
    • 您將看到“計算運費”按鈕
    • 輸入您的國家/地區、州和郵遞區號
    • 它將列出運輸選項和運輸費用供您參考

  • 收件人將會被視為登記進口商,並且必須遵守目的地的所有法規。配送到香港以外的地方的訂單可能需要支付目的地國家/地區徵收的稅費(包括但不限於增值稅、銷售稅、進口稅、商品及服務稅)、關稅和其他費用 (以下被統稱為“該稅費”)。國際配送的收件人可能需要支付該稅費,而該稅費用會在貨件抵達收件人國家/地區時徵收。收件人必須支付通關時的額外費用。

  • 運費不含額外稅金和附加費