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Original price HK$698.00
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  • Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller
  • Weight
  • Mosquito repeller: 114g
  • Repeller refill: 1g (each)
  • Dimensions
  • 9.7cm x 5cm x 6.7cm
  • Highlights
  • Provides a 4.6m × 4.6m protection zone from insects and mosquitoes in the wild
  • Specially designed for camping, using camping canister as fuel
  • Compact in size, ideal for backpackers
  • Internal electric ignition system heats up the repellent refill and provides exceptional mosquito repelling function
  • Can be use continuously for up to 360 hours (using 16oz camping canister)
  • Instructions
  • Each repeller can cover diameter of 4.6m, each refill lasts for 4 hours
  • 1) Take Thermacell® repellent refill from the package and place it under the black grid
  • 2) Remove the plastic lid from the repeller and the lid of the gas canister. Keep the gas can vertical. Twist to tighten the repeller into the gas can. Make sure it is completely tight but not too tight
  • 3) Tun the ON / OFF button to ON, allow the fuel to flow and wait for 3 seconds. Push the Start button upwards until some noise comes about
  • To check if the repeller is working properly:
  • There is an orange color signal light on top of the START button
  • To turn it off:
  • 1) Turn the ON / OFF button to OFF
  • 2) Allow it to cool down as it could be really hot
  • 3) Turn the gas can anti-clockwise to separate it and plug in the plastic lid
  • 4) Place it anywhere in your backpack
  • Replacing repellent refill:
  • 1) The refill turns white from blue when it is exhausted
  • 2) Turn off the repeller
  • 3) Allows the grid to cool down completely before replacing the refill