Tax and Duty

Will I be charged import taxes or duties?
Some countries will tax imported goods and this may apply to you. Our pricing policy does not cover taxes and duties as a result to variations of customs regulations between countries.

However, such conditions are not consistent for every state or region within each country, and the shipping company will also make a difference as to whether tax is charged or not. Taxation and import duties also might not be applied if customs does not inspect your package.

However, please understand that in some cases, your country may elect to charge a tax on items you order from BANG BANG. We have no control over such state level decisions. If your government shall requests you pay taxes on your purchase, you must pay it to receive the product. We do not bear the responsibility of paying your taxes on your behalf. Please read our Customs Duties and Taxes statement below before you purchase. If an order is returned to us due to your refusal to pay import tax, we will charge a 20% restocking fee if the order is returned to us as a result. The shipping fee will also NOT be refunded. Kindly ensure you understand this policy before purchasing from us.



有些國家會對進口的商品徵稅,這可能適用於您。 我們的定價政策不包含因國家/地區海關法規差異而導致的稅費和關稅。

但每個國家內每個州或地區的情況並不一致,運輸公司在是否徵稅方面也會有所不同。 如果海關不檢查您的包裹,也可能不適用稅金和進口關稅。

但是,請理解,在某些情況下,您所在的國家/地區可能會選擇對您從 BANG BANG 訂購的商品徵稅。 我們無法控制此類州級決策。 如果您的政府要求您對購買的產品納稅,您必須付款才能收到產品。 我們不承擔代您繳稅的責任。 購買前請閱讀下面的關稅和稅費聲明。 如果由於您拒絕繳納進口稅而導致訂單被退回,我們將收取 20% 的進貨費。 運費也不會退還。 在向我們購買之前,請確保您了解此政策。