SRS G-Spec Barrel (309 mm)


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SRS G-Spec Barrel (309 mm)

Your SRS is still too long ? Here it’s the ultimate solution ! This kit will transform your SRS in an incredible short sniper rifle, but still able to accommodate a 309 mm inner barrel, or more if you’re using a silencer and our DTSS barrel spacer. Barrel tip is threaded in 24×1 for direct compatibility with DTSS suppressors replicas (SBA-SIL-02 SBA-SIL-03 SBA-SIL-04 SBA-SIL-05). For any accessories requiring a M14x1 CCW thread, you use M14x1 CCW adaptor.

This kit is coming with:

– 38×2 thread protection to cover the front thread of the receiver
– 24×1 thread protection to cover the barrel tip
– the outer barrel (bull profile)

All parts are CNC made in 6061 T6 aluminium.

14×1 CCW adapter and DTSS suppressors sold separately.

Ref: SBA-OBL-19

SRS G-Spec Barrel (309 mm) - Bang Bang Airsoft