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Hephaestus Custom x GHK HTS-14 GBB

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Original price HK$6,880.00 - Original price HK$6,880.00
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HK$6,880.00 - HK$6,880.00
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Based off the OTs-14 Groza
30 round magazine.
Immense recoil.
Includes proper looking OTS-14 magazine.
Full metal and real wood.

Magazine Capacity - 30 Rounds
Power Source - GasPowered
Blowback - Yes
Shooting Modes- Semi, Full Auto
Hop-up - Adjustable by opening breach.
Magazine Compatibility - GHK GBBR AK Magazine.
FPS</strong> - 380

The OTs-14 Groza is a Russian selective fire bullpup assault rifle chambered for the 7.62' 39 round and the 9.39mm subsonic round. It was developed in the 1990s in Tula, Russia. The weapon is colloquially known as OC-14 or OTs-14 "Groza" ("Thunderstorm"). Thunderstorm is an ideal nickname for it as thunder take you by surprise, depending on whether you'd seen the flash or not, but if you haven't you usually get a shock from the unexpected bang and that's exactly how we felt when we had a go at this HTS-14. Since it's an AK with a bullpup design, the receiver is underneath your ear so the action is taking place underneath your chin. When you pull the trigger, you're surprised as to how loud the 'Thunderstorm' is. You heard me right, it's an AK with a bullpup design. The receiver functions much like an AK would but the internals have been altered as the trigger is in front of the bolt itself. On top is a wooden panel where one would usually place their off hand to reduce the kick. Above that is a M4-type handle where the sights as are also placed. There are two modes for sighting which can easily be changed by spinning the rear sight. You'll either get a dip or a hole depending on what you're used to. The charging handle is found on the right side, the usual place for an AK and when you pull it back, you'll see the the hop up unit which you could spin to alter the hop. It uses its own 30 round magazine which lasts through all 30 rounds and then some. Every shot has a huge kick and lasts throughout the entire magazine. You may feel the reduction in recoil in full auto but every semi trigger pull hits the sweet spot. As for accuracy? It's as accurate as any GHK AK as it has similar length inner barrel but the HTC-14 can now be used in CQB. It may look strange but it kick likes every GHK AK, if not more, since the impact of the bolt is in the receiver which is right next to your shoulder and you can take in into a CQB game without worrying about knocking it against the wall.