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HAO's 416A5 Conversion kit for Marui MWS -Black

by HAO
Original price HK$13,000.00 - Original price HK$13,000.00
Original price
HK$13,000.00 - HK$13,000.00
Current price HK$13,000.00

HAO's 416A5 conversion kits for Marui MWS are CNC machined from an Alloy 7075-T6 billet which is as same material as real firearm. In this model of 416 , you will have 11" one piece steel gundrilled barrel end with 1/2-28RH thread , CNC machined A5 style adjustable gasblock, Full RS spec hanguard with foldable fluorescent front sight , Full RS spec steel made barrel nut and Enhanced A5 Castle nut ,Hydraulic pressed Enhanced Ambi sling end plate, Plastic-polymer injected V7 grip for GBB , CNC machined A5 style trigger guard, CNC turned OTB buffer tube ,Ambi bolt catch and mag release etc.


  • CNC drilled Alloy 7075-T6 billet Upper
  • CNC drilled Alloy 7075-T6 billet Lower
  • CNC 5 Axis machined 416A5 Steel adjustable gas block & gas tube
  • CNC lathed, Gun drilled 11", 1/2-28RH Steel barrel
  • CNC lathed, Steel made MWS chamber
  • CNC machined HK416 Ambi-Charging Handle recoil Full system
  • CNC lathed Steel barrel nut
  • CNC drilled 416A5 Handguard with foldable fluorescent front sight 
  • CNC drilled/lathed 416A5 trigger guard
  • CNC drilled 416A5 Ambi bolt catch
  • CNC drilled 416A5 Ambi mag release
  • CNC lathed 416A5 Enhanced Castle nut
  • Hydraulic Pressed 416A5 Enhanced Ambi Sling End Plate
  • CNC lathed 416A5 OTB buffer tube
  • CNC lathed Steel Flash assist knobs
  • CNC lathed,drilled Takedown pins
  • CNC lathed,drilled 416A5 style ambi selectors
  • CNC lathed 416 style muzzle brake (With 1/2-28RH thread) (Full Cage)
  • Plastic Polymer injected 416 V7 grip