DNA XM177 E1 GBBR Mod 609


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  • Faithful Replication of the Real Steel XM177 E1 with aluminum stock, beautifully replicated flash hider. Lovely metal clinking sound when you are extending the stock.
  • Hard Kick Recoil Impulse
  • Classic mod609 Furnitures
  • Approx. 400FPS (adjustable)
  • 20rd High Capacity Magazine
  • New VFC system (2019 version, not even available in current VFC GBBR yet)

  • The 10 inch barrel Colt XM177 (model 609) was essentially a fielded prototype - and the first Colt CAR-15 SMG version to see limited issue to SEALs, Special Forces and the CIA.

    Production ran only about one year (1966-67), with possibly less than 3,000 fielded before replacement in 1967 by the longer (and better known) 11.5 inch XM177E2.


    Special Features:

    - Historically correct 10 inch Barrel

    - Original style Slip Ring

    - Correct 6 Hole CAR-15 Handguard

    - Shaved Bayonet Lug


    Length - 950mm
    Weight - 2812g
    Magazine Capacity - 20 Rounds
    Power Source - Green Gas / Propane Powered
    Blowback - YES
    Shooting Modes - Semi, Full Auto
    Hop-up - Adjustable.
    FPS - Around. 400FPS (adjustable)

    The stock is a 2 position collapsible aluminum buttstock. The hanguard is short and round, instead of the triangular one used on the M16, XM16E1, M16A1. The barrel is 10 inches, instead of the M16's  20 inch barrel. In real life, because the shortened barrel increased the muzzle flash and noise significantly, a 4.5 inch moderator was added to the end of the barrel, which functioned as a quasi-suppressor, bringing the volume down to a level around the standard 20" barrel and reducing the muzzle flash. DNA did a very good job on replicating the XM177E1 mod 609, it's a piece of art. 
  • Each finish is handled with care down to the usage of the short 20rd magazines seen used on the real steel version. Because of the new VFC system and steel bolt and full steel internals, the gun boasts superb recoil impulse and a cycling rate that is close to the real thing.

    Internally the gun has some compatibility with VFC M4s such as some parts of the trigger group and bolt carrier group.
  • The short 20rds is also compatible with other VFC GBB HK416 and M4s.


    x1 DNA XM177 E1 GBBR Mod 609
    x1 20 rds Magazine
    x1 Manual


DNA XM177 E1 GBBR Mod 609
DNA XM177 E1 GBBR Mod 609
DNA XM177 E1 GBBR Mod 609
DNA XM177 E1 GBBR Mod 609
DNA XM177 E1 GBBR Mod 609