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Hephaestus Custom Tactical GHK AK GBB Shorty

-Fully customized by Hephaestus

-Full Steel internal


-Comes with standard AK74 black plastic magazine, the short metal AK mag is sold seperated.

Bang Bang is partnering with Hephaestus to provide custom GHK GBB AK Service, full steel kit and steel bolt installation and external part fixtures, their professional gun smith make sure the AK runs smooth and up to the standard of Hephaestus. Each AK will need to be tested and approved by Hephaestus and Bang Bang team.

由匠神工埸的專業槍匠去細心調校和組裝. 每一支經Hephaestus 組裝的也會經過他們的隊伍的詳細檢測才會交給客人, 確保所有部件也是完美地運作.

Bang Bang Custom GHK AKS74U Pistol GBBR fully upgraded by Hephaestus.


Internal Upgrade


  • Hephaestus CNC Steel GHK AK Fire Control Parts Set
         (Firing Pin, Sear, Auto Lever, Hammer)
  • Hephaestus CNC Steel GHK AK Bolt Carrier (Standard Type)
  • Hephaestus Full Steel GHK AK Recoil Power Kit with Stainless Steel Adapter
  • Hephaestus Full Steel GHK AK Simulated Recoil Spring Assembly
         (Enhanced  Version)
  • Hephaestus 6.03mm Stainless Steel Precision Inner Barrel for Maple Leaf GHK AK
         Hop-Up Unit (Custom Length: 180mm)
  • Maple Leaf CNC Hop-Up Chamber Set for GHK AK Series
  • Re-built, fine-tuned & checked by professional gunsmiths
  • Magazine has been processed and upgraded with quality o-rings

    External Upgrade

  • Hephaestus Tactical Magazine Catch (Enhanced Version) for GHK/LCT AK Series
  • Hephaestus Mount Base for GHK/LCT AKS-74U/AKMSU Series
  • Hephaestus Tactical Selector (Type A) for GHK AK Series
  • Hephaestus CNC Steel Trigger (Type A -Black) for GHK AK Series
  • GHK AK Outer Barrel (Custom Sub-compact Length with 14mm CCW Thread)
  • Hephaestus RPK74-type Flash Hider (14mm CCW)
  • Hephaestus Rear QD Attachment Point for GHK/LCT AK105/AK-74M/AKS-74U               Series.
  • Hephaestus AMD-65 Pistol Grip for GBB
  • Convert to Sub-compact Length Forend
  • Customized Gas Tube 
  • Customized Upper Handguard & Lower Handguard
  • Customized Front Sight Block
  • Custom-maded 3D-printed Handguard Stabilizer
  • Hephaestus Product Certificate
  • Half Year Warranty (excluding human error)