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ARES SA VZ58 Assault Rifle AEG - Short Version

Original price HK$1,980.00 - Original price HK$1,980.00
Original price HK$1,980.00
HK$1,980.00 - HK$1,980.00
Current price HK$1,980.00

The vz. 58 (model 58) is a 7.62mm assault rifle designed and manufactured in Czechoslovakia and accepted into service in the late 1950s. While externally the vz. 58 resembles the Soviet AK-47, it is a different design based on a short-stroke gas piston. It shares no parts with Kalashnikov rifles, including the magazine.

The great thing about the Ares VZ58 AEG is that it resembles the real steel version to a tee. The features you find on the airsoft replica is what you'd find on the real steel version. For exactly, how stiff the folding stock is, but once it is in position there is virtually no wobble. The bent trigger guard is rather unique but was purposely placed there making it easier for right handed people to use their left hand to reload. It may be tougher if you're wearing gloves though.

It shoots much like the Ares Amoeba M4 series meaning that they use very similar internal systems. Basically, the trigger pull is incredibly crisp so each and every tug seems very featherweight meaning you can pull the trigger as quickly as you can press the left mouse button in all shooting games. One of the more convenient features is the placement of the hop up adjustment dial. Once you pull back the charging handle, you'll notice it right there. Turning it clockwise will increase the hop and visa versa.

There are currently two version of the VZ58. The longer one and the shorter version. The main difference between the two is quite obviously the length difference but the shorter version more than makes up for it by having the battery placement underneath the dust cover while you have to remove a lot of external parts to get to the battery compartment of the longer version which is in the fore-grip.

They are rather menacing AEGs as the shorter version is perfect for CQB with the power of 320 fps. The longer version is better suited for outdoor games as there is a significant jump in fps by about 80. Using a 7.4 Lipo battery will suffice as it'll be crisp, accurate and consistent.