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ARES G36 to M16 Magazine Adaptor

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An incredibly simple but nevertheless useful conversion piece for the Ares Model 36 family of AEGs. It replaces the standard magazine well on the stock model with this alternative which allows this weapon to take AR type magazines (M4 / M16 mags).

Though there is nothing wrong with 36 mags, the advantage to switching to AR types means more options for magazines with more style, sizes, features and commonality. You can run the same magazines as your comrades that use AR weapons (and Ares Tavor AEGs as well as Masada AEGs for that matter). Compared to a normal 36 magwell, the standard magazine release is removed from the rear and one is added to the left side (similar to an AR).

It is designed for the Ares model 36 so it will install on it no problem, mag wells are very similar across model 36s of different brands but if yours is not an Ares then do check with our sales department to see if yours can take this modification.