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Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade

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Package includes the following:

- Cyclone Impact Grenade.
- 15ml Grenade Oil.

The Airsoft Innovation Cyclone Impact Grenade is cheaper, lighter, more powerful and holds more BBs than its older brother, the Tornado Grenade. It's not very difficult to use as there is a step by step guide in the instruction manual. The push to release pin is much more reliable, though it does require practice to remove and will probably be harder to think about while under pressure.

The cyclone removes delay entirely allowing the operator to simply throw the device for immediate effect on contact.

Whilst a timed grenade is much better for defensive uses such as combining the advantages of area effect and time delay to put distance between the operator and opfor, the impact variant is much more suited for offensive uses such as taking advantage of it's immediacy as a convenient quick-draw force multiplier. Conversely, the design maintains the robustness and reliability of a well greased version 3 gearbox, ensuring that it goes off in opfor's face instead of your own. The Cyclone is far more consistent mechanism guaranteed to go off on any hard surface.