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Umarex UMP9 DX GBB (Asia Edition) (by VFC)

by Umarex
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Current price HK$2,200.00

The Umarex UMP 9 Gas Blowback SMG is the latest offering from Umarex that was featured in the latest 007 / James Bond movie Spectre, which is essentially the baby brother of the UMP 45, except in 9mm and have a curved magazine, but the rest is pretty much the same between the two models.

The UMP (Universal Machinen-Pistole) series was designed to be a lower cost and lighter alternative to the MP5 series which had been in service since late 60s. The UMP is now a recoil-operated, polymer receiver wonder that is much lighter and much cheaper to produce than the MP5 series which were roller block lock and stamped metal receiver. The UMP features a QD silencer capable barrel, a polymer folding stock, 3 sets of picatinny rail for the front handguard and 1 top picatinny rail for optics. The UMP fires from 3 firing modes, semi, two round and fully automatic.

Back to the airsoft version we have here, is quite similar in nature to the real one, which features the same markings, the same firing modes, fires from close bolt and accepts a 30 round curve magazine. If one had handled the UMP45 before, this is no different, it has the same bolt lock slot (which one could practice the famous HK slap), or just use the bolt release when changing the magazine. Selector is ambidextrous operation and has 4 positions, safe, semi, two round burst and fully automatic. The pistol grip has been partially texturized for a firm grip and eliminating slip, especially in sweaty or wet situations. Rail panels (3x short and 1x long) would be included in the package.

Firing this gun is nothing but fun, recoil is strong, but recoil impulse and muzzle flip is minimal. Trigger pull is pretty heavy, but response is without slack and really helps to empty the magazine quickly. The two round burst fires two rounds so quickly that one only hears one shot, but on the target end it would have two holes in a close group.


  • Fully Licensed Product
  • VFC Gen 2 Gas System
  • Reinforced Internals
  • Strong Recoil
  • For sale in Asia
Platform GAS
Brand Umarex
Color Black
Originating Armory H&K
Replica Type RIFLE
Model UMP
Capacity (rds) 30
Power (fps) 360
Power Source Green Gas / Top Gas
Shooting Mode Burst / Semi Auto / Full Auto
Blowback Yes
Net Weight (kg) 2.96
Length (mm) 690.0
Material Plastic