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Technoframes BLAZE 007 Black Gun Case for Tokyo Marui 1911

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Original price HK$3,120.00
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Technoframes cases are the most beautifully elegant and stylish cases you will ever gaze upon as the thick Acrylic display panels will allow you to see your equally stylish pistol as it stands erect and secure. These cases are made specifically for either the 1911 or the Glock so do make sure you get the correct version. The 1911 cases come in Black, Silver, Chrome and Gold as the Glock cases only come in Black or Silver.

There are also two different versions of the case, one being the 007 and the other standard version. The difference between the two is that the 007 version comes with a hydraulics system which comes into play when you unlock the case and allow it to slowly open by itself. The standard version does NOT do this as you will have to lift the side up by yourself. The cool thing is, both sides are able to be lifted allowing you to remove the pistol from either direction.

If you want to make things easier for yourself, you can angle the already erect magazine slot at a 90 degree angle, in either direction, allowing you to draw your pistol easily without the interference of the case once you press the magazine release. There is another slot for one spare magazine which you can position at any angle.

The amazing feature about this case is that you can remove the dummy magazine slot and replace it with either the 1911, Glock or M9/M92F dummy magazine.