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Bear Paw Production Ots-03 SVU Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle - Aluminum Version

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Original price HK$5,150.00
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  • Based off the OTs-03 SVU.
  • 21 round magazine.
  • Amazing recoil & loud.
  • Adjustable (circular) Hop in the breach.
  • Compatible with WE SVD Magazines.
  • Made out of high density polymer and Aluminium.


    Length - 883mm
    Weight - 3712g
    Magazine Capacity - 21 Rounds
    Power Source - Gas Powered
    Blowback - Yes
    Shooting Modes - Semi
    Hop-up - Adjustable by opening breach.
    Magazine Compatibility - WE SVD Gas Magazine.
    FPS - 400

    When you pull the trigger, you're surprised as to how loud the 'SVU' is. You heard me right, it's an Dragunov with a bullpup design. The receiver functions much like an Dragunov would but the internals have been altered as the trigger is in front of the bolt itself. On top is a polymer panel where one would usually place their off hand to reduce the kick. Above that you can find the standard Dragunov flip up front and rear sights though one would typically mount a scope from the side as this is sniper rifle after all. It comes with a 21 round magazine which lasts through all rounds and then some. Every shot has a huge kick and lasts throughout the entire magazine. You may feel the reduction in recoil in full auto but every semi trigger pull hits the sweet spot.

    About the real steel version:

    The OTs-03 SVU (Snayperskaya Vintovka Ukorochennaya, Sniper Rifle Shortened) is a bullpup configuration of the SVD sniper rifle. The SVU was developed to meet the needs of the security forces of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, such as OMON. The SVU was first seen in use in the First Chechen War. Originally, the plan was to just slightly modernize the aging SVD, but the designers eventually realised that the configuration of the weapon would have to be completely altered, leading to the creation of the SVU.


    x1 Bear Paw Production Ots-03 SVU Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle.
    x1 21 Rnd Magazine.
    x1 Manual.