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KRYTAC Trident LMG Enhanced (LMG-E) AEG - Black

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Original price HK$3,779.00
HK$3,779.00 - HK$3,779.00
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The Krytac LMG Enhanced is exactly what the name says it is. Krytac took the concept of a traditional light machine gun and improved upon its premise, making it sleeker, more compact, and shoots semi auto! All the goodness in one gun, finally!

What we have on the table is much more than just a M4 with a belt-fed upper receiver, various upgrades / enhancements have been made to make the gun stand out from the other competitors in the market such as the Stoner LMG and the M249.

First off, the gun only weights 3.53kg / 7.78 lbs, which is substantially lighter than the other competitors. Secondly, the LMG-E features a Krytac Enhanced LMG Keymod rail system which helps with lowering the weight of the gun and having the flexibility to mount accessories such as fore grips, PEQ boxes, bipods and such. Externally there are also other enhancements for better functionality and ergonomics, such as the Licensed Defiance Pistol Grip, Krytac Battery stock, Six positioned buffer tube, Ambidextrous fire selector, Ambidextrous sling loops and a licensed CMC Flat face Trigger, which all would have the gun become a more controllable weapon.

Internally the following features had been added for a more robust gearbox and perform much better even when undergoing sustained suppressive fire:
  • 8mm Ball Bearing Nautilus Mechbox
  • Integrated FET System
  • Easy Maintenance Spring Guide
  • Padded Cylinder Head
  • Relief-cut Cylinder Window
  • Anti-corrosion Mechbox Coating
  • Adjustable Rotary Hop-Up
  • Temperature And Wear Resistant Hop-Up Bucking
  • KRYTAC 30k Neodymium Magniet High-Torque Moto
    Oh did we also mention the LMG-E comes with a large 3,500rd motorized box magazine? The LMG Enhanced gives you enough fire power to dominate the airsoft field with the drum but it can take regular mid or high capacity M4 AEG magazines. Simply throw on an optic, a fore grip or grip pod, you?re ready for becoming a fire team gunner with the snap of a finger.

  • x1 Krytac LMG Enhanced
  • Instructions manual
  • x1 3,500rd electric drum mag.

    *Do note that the drum mag requires a 9v battery to operate. All batteries are not included.*