Wargame Sites in Hong Kong

Wargame Sites in Hong Kong. 香港的野戰場地

Where to play airsoft game in Hong Kong? Looking for people to play with?
Here is a list of wargame sites that people normally go. We usually Host wargames (airsoft games) regularly, join us and start battle now!

買了汽槍但又唔知去邊度玩好 ? 以下是現在 香港有的野戰場地, 我們定期會舉辦活動 快加入我們開始作戰吧!

Impact Force CQB http://www.impactforcecqb.com/
City Hunter CQB http://www.cityhunter.com.hk/
X-mission CQB   http://www.x-missionhk.com/
DGW CQB http://www.dgw.hk/
Shooting Workshop: https://www.shootingworkshop.com

W28 Center: https://www.facebook.com/W28CENTRE/