Refund instructions

Refund instructions:

The refund will be credited to the designated account of the payment method that was used for the order within seven to ten working days, provided that the refund account information is accurate (working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays).

If you need a cash refund, it will take at least 3~4 weeks to process and the refund will be in the form of a check. (Cash refunds are only applicable to orders with cash transactions.)

*Bang Bang Ltd retains the right to decide any disagreement in the end.*

Requirements for an eligible Refund:

  1. Successfully submitted required documents and granted for a return from Bang Bang Ltd
  2. Ordered product is out of stock will also be given a refund if an exchange request is submitted

If you encounter the following problems:

  • Why is there no refund for the delivery cost?

Only the product's purchase price is returned in refunds. Since it has been dispatched, you are not eligible for a refund of the shipping cost you paid when placing your order. The amount the store pays to send the products is known as the order shipping fee. The sales amount of the goods will be reimbursed if you decide to apply for a return later.

  • Why is the refund amount incorrect?

We calculate all of our orders in Hong Kong dollars. The order amount will depend on the bank exchange rate you select if you decide to pay for your order in a foreign currency. Refund amount differentiation might occur because the conversion rate is subject to change at any time and varies depending on the individual banks. It is possible that the exchange rate in effect now differs from the one used to place the order, which could affect the refund amount. After the exchange rate is calculated, guests are liable for the remaining amount.

  • Cancel order

If the order needs to be canceled due to personal reasons other than product issues, 5% of the total order amount will be charged as a service fee.





若退款帳戶資訊正確無誤,七至十個工作天 (工作天不包括星期六﹑日及公眾假期) 內退款至訂單所選用的付款方式的指定帳戶內。如需現金退款,則需要至少 3~4 個星期處理並會以支票形式退款。(現金退款只適用於現金交易的訂單。)

*Bang Bang Ltd 保留任何爭議及所有退貨請求最終決定權



  1. 成功申請退貨後
  2. 確定訂購的商品缺貨時


  • 為什麼運費沒有退



  • 為什麼退款金額不正確


  • 取消訂單

如不是因為商品問題,是個人原因需要取消訂單,將收取訂單總金額 5% 作為服務費用。