Storage period of products ordered online / in stores

Storage period of products ordered online / in stores:

Upon purchasing any product from Bang Bang Ltd, we kindly request that you collect it within 90 days from the date of purchase. We will hold the item for this period to accommodate your convenience.


Unclaimed Products:

If the purchased any product remains unclaimed after the 90 day storage period, we will regrettably be required to discard the item without any notice. No refunds or exchanges will be provided for discarded items. Thank you for your understanding.



網上 / 門市訂單貨品儲存期限:

從 Bang Bang Ltd 購買任何產品後,我們懇請您在購買日起 90 天內方便時領取。 我們將在此期間保留該物品。



如果所購買的產品在 90 天的存放期過後仍然無人認領,我們將遺憾地丟棄該物品並不會給予任何通知。對於丟棄的物品,將不提供退款或換貨,感謝您的體諒。