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Xcortech X3300W Advanced BB Control System - Black

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Xcortech X3300W Advanced BB Control System is a 3 piece set that comes in either Black or Tan. It comes with a PEQ command box, a BB tracer unit and a Burst ECU Mosfet system.

It's strange to think that these 3 items will work in tandem with each other, but they actually do. Once doesn't really need the ECU system, but it can be very useful. It's a MOSFET that allows you to burst fire (only when the fire selector is on full auto) from 2 - 10 BBs per trigger pull and hold. It works with the command box so you can set it how you like.

The silencer works in tandem with the command box and also acts as a tracer / chrono. It also lets you know the rate of fire of your AEG or GBBR. It fits on a 14mm CCW thread as the box itself can be placed on any 20mm rail mount. The top is preferred as it is easier to read.

The Command Box:

  • Powered by 2 pcs of AA Batteries.
  • QD mount which fit 20mm rail mount.

    5 main modes:

  • ROF (Rate of Fire)
  • SPD (Muzzle Velocity in FPS or MPS)
  • DN (count the BB shoot until 0 which can be modified depending on the magazine used)
  • UP (count the BB shoot from 0)
  • ST (Setting for different band, unit display and burst mode)

    The Tracer Unit:

  • Powered by 4 pcs of AAA Batteries.
  • 14mm CCW Thread.
  • Work as BB Tracer and detector of Command box.
  • Suitable for both AEG and GBB alone or with Command box.

    ECU Set:

  • Powered by the main battery of AEG (small plug)
  • Can change the Full auto mode into Burst mode (up to 10 rounds and controlled by command box)
  • Only use on AEG only.