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WE SCAR-H Open Bolt Version (Black)

by WE
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Original price HK$2,180.00 - Original price HK$2,180.00
Original price HK$2,180.00
HK$2,180.00 - HK$2,180.00
Current price HK$2,180.00
These days, WE's gas system has become the most common rival of the WA/G&P/GHK full bolt system, especially since they've progressively tweaked and worked on their open bolt technology making this one the best of the bunch in previous years.

With full metal and polymer SCAR type weapon, it feels very solid and robust; a fairly common factor on gas weapons, unlike AEGs, as their bodies are built to contain actually mechanical forces and are not just a basket to hold a gearbox. Besides the realistic action and real cap magazine, it also field strips like the real thing.

The open bolt in this rifle make it fairly realistic but more notably the WE technology kicks hard and loud with a nice 'ting' after every trigger pull. With an inner barrel that runs almost to the tip of the outer barrel, running Green / Propane gas through the normal WE AR magazines that this runs on allows it to launch 0.2g 6mm BBs at around 440 FPS (depending on ambient temperature) which makes the carbine a nice choice for outdoor skirmishes. It also cycles pretty fast too. The advanced design of the SCAR gives it mag release on both sides, a fire selector that is also ambidextrous and a charging handle the can me moved to either side.

This modern style has the newer design stock with multi-position adjustable length and ability to fold down to the right side; additional, the cheek rest is adjustable to either a flat or raised position. The front end has four surfaces of rails adding plenty of potential for accessories; although no such accessories are included, poke around the website to see our massive collection of rail attach options.

WEs open bolt rifles are of a quality that are really starting to clip at the heels of higher end brands with performance thats comparable too them and a price tag on par with upper-mid end AEGs.