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Tokyo Marui Python 357 2.5 inch (Stainless Silver)

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Original price HK$1,160.00
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Seeing the beauty in a finely built revolver takes a certain vintage of Airsoft player to appreciate. Tokyo Marui's new 6x4 system allows you to load 4 BBs in each of the 6 chambers within the cylinder, giving you a total of 24 shots between reloads. Only one BB is fired at a time when you pull the trigger, both in single and double action as you see fit. The gas container is stored in the grip, and can take both HFC134 and TOP / GREEN gas for greater power. Finishing of the gun is superb in stainless silver finishing, which looks convincingly real even when observed from up close. Of course the 6mm inner barrel still gives it away that this is an Airsoft gun. Pull open the cylinder release switch, apply pressure on the cylinder from the opposite side, and the cylinder falls right out. You load the BB's from the front of the cylinder and push 4 BBs into each of the shell chambers. From the rear, dummy shell casings marked with 357 engravings still give you a realistic view. Hogue type rubber grips are extremely comfortable to hold. Metal trigger (nicely weighted 3 pound trigger) and hammer give you a convincing touch as well. Rear metal sights are windage and elevation adjustable using a flat head screw driver. The cylinder spins smoothly and can be snapped back into the frame with a flick of your wrist with a solid click - perfect for those Russian roulette games with your friends!

One full charge of gas will give you way more than the 24 rounds per reload. This gun can take both HFC134 gas and also TOP gas. Of course, HFC134 will apply less wear and tear on your gun so if you use this mostly as a collectible model, we would recommend you stick with HFC134. If you intend to skirmish or do serious shooting with this gun, then use TOP / GREEN gas. Comes with a loading tool and a pack of starter BBs.

Power levels as tested with the following gas:
HFC134: 170fps
TOP / GREEN Gas: 200fps