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Tokyo Marui MP7A1 Gas Blowback - Tan

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Original price HK$2,120.00
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Long awaited gas blowback NP7 from Marui has finally arrived to much anticipation and fanfare. Released a couple years after the KSC / KWA version, Marui improves upon some subtle shortcomings in the KSC / KWA version to make the Marui version truly worth waiting for.

Overall finishing and color tone is top notch and is a bit more matte in color, making it slightly more realistic than the KSC / KWA version. The extendable stock has a much more steel-like finishing to it, with 3 positions, and is quite rigid even in fully extended position. The upper receiver is a high quality matte black finishing compared to the shinier upper on the KSC / KWA. The selector switch is also MUCH more tactile in feeling which gives the operator much more confidence in what mode he has engaged in. The Marui NP7 is also heavier and slightly more solid than the KSC / KWA verison.

Another nice feature is that the bolt opens all the way back, about 20% more than on the KSC / KWA version. The hop-up is also far superior with much greater accuracy and longer range of BB flight despite a slightly lower power output (due to Japanese law). The Marui NP7 clocks 280fps on HFC134a gas, and 350fps on Green / Top Gas. However, many upgrades are already on the horizon, including from Airsoft Surgeon, as of this writing and the Marui MNP7 may become highly upgradable in the future.

Flip up front and rear sights make for easy aiming when needed, although folded down, it makes the NP7 very compact and won't catch on any slings or clothing. The front RIS accessory rails are standard 20mm rails that allow you to mount lasers and flashlights easily for a tactical advantage. The front folding vertical grip allows for better control during full automatic fire. The extendable stock also gives much more stability in this case. The bolt locks open and back like on most gas blowback rifles, and is easily engaged forward with a simple press of the bolt release latch. Ambidextrous magazine release also allows easy magazine changes. Trigger response is typical Marui - very crisp and quick for a high level of realism. The sound that the gun makes is loud, solid and metallic with good recoil.

And if you want a more tactical look, Marui even supplies a 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) thread adapter which allows you to install many after-market silencers. It's attention to detail like this that makes Marui the undisputed king of quality once again. While the KWA version was really good, Marui has taken it a step further to enhance it even more.

Spare magazines are available separately and highly encouraged if you plan to skirmish with the Marui MP7.

Legal Disclaimer: This Airsoft toy is NOT manufactured by Heckler & Koch (H&K) of Germany or H&K USA. It should be in no way perceived to be the real gun. This is purely a replica and buyers should know they are NOT buying the real MP7 or any gun made by H&K. Please note this gun does not ship with any unlicensed trademarks due to legal reasons. If you wish to purchase an MP7 with real trademarks, please consider the UMAREX version also listed on this website.