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TMC Strike Mesh Full Face Mask (Black)

by TMC
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Velcro blackstraps attached mask, this protector features complete coverage of the face with the exception of the eyes. The mesh itself is plastic coated so as to resist weather and rusting.

Mesh masks allow breathing and talking through it unobstructed and as such are not as uncomfortable as solid masks nor do they have as much issues with fogging the eye protection or muffling your voice as much. That said, as a mesh mask it will stop broad objects but offer nothing for fine particulates so sand, dust, smoke and the like with drift through and high power BB strikes can result in BB fragments passing through the mesh (albeit it at a reduced velocity) but it has been tested up to and including repeated strikes at short range with 2 joule / 465fps weapons with no problem (again, no promises about fine particulates though).

Mesh masks offer one of the cheapest face protection options in Airsoft and offer advantages with breathing and communication but are otherwise not very suited for use when protection from environmental debris is a factor. When playing at shorter range and indoors with lower powered weapons the mesh mask can offer a very suitable option without hurting the wallet. Its also a nice choice for those of us who avoid face protection entirely due to fogging issues and so having one of these as the alternative to nothing at all can be all the more of a worthy option.

This product is just the mesh mask and straps itself, no additional goggles or secondary protection is included.