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Tactical Game Innovation (TAG) Starter Kit - Palladin ( 1 Shell + 8 Units) for GP-30 / Madbull XM203 Long / XM320 Launcher

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This Tactical Game Innovation Starter Kit features 1 cartridge and 8 grenades that can fit the GP-30 / Madbull XM203 Long / XM320 launchers. We suggest you use the longer version of the launchers as it it will look rather strange if the cartridge pokes out of the shorter launchers. If you want to use the ICS-190 GLM Grenade Launcher, you will have to buy 5 more cartridges!

These shells completely change the game of airsoft and are popular for Milsim scenarios.  Shooting much farther than traditional M203 style projectiles in Airsoft, these super lightweight shells (made from a plastic foam shell with non toxic marking powder inside) will fly close to 100 meters (further if no wind) before cracking open and marking your target with a colored powder.  This colored powder is safe and machine washable.  The secret behind this amazing range is the use of the rifle shell that creates its own barrel for these shells to fire out of.  Lots of fun to shoot and adds a lot more realism to any game.  Please note that these shells REQUIRE the use of the TACTICAL GAME INNOVATIONS grenade shell.  You should first buy the Tactical Game Innovation Paladin Starter Pack first to get the shell.

One thing you'll notice is that there is rifling inside the cartridge. This will help spin the grenade while on its trajectory allowing it the ability to reach further. It is gas operated, so you can use red gas if you wish, but you'll need to cool down the cartridge first before use. Just charge the cartridge at the bottom, and then press the button. This will expel all gas and cool it down at the same time. If you do not do this, the grenade will explode while in the chamber.