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Systema Magnum Motor (Special Long Type) For Systema Revolution Gearbox Only

by Systema
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Original price HK$870.00
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Most definitely one of the better motors in the market today, the Systema Magnum Motor was a design made to replace the need for separate motors for High Speed, and High Torque. Featuring a breakthrough design a year in the making, the Magnum motor will work just as well with high speed, and high torque setups, at the same time exceedingly the performance of all previous models.

Designed for M130 Spring and above.
Compatible with: M4/16 Series, MP5 Series, G3 Series, P90.


  • Superior Neodymium magnets providing unparalleled Torque in the Airsoft Industry.
  • Hand-wound rotor coils deliver over 80% of maximum torque instantly (at zero RPM / start up).
  • Newly designed brush & brush case provide greater contact area for higher current flow without unnecessary surface friction.
  • Individually balanced commutator, meticulously aligned bearing inserts, and new CNC-machined aluminum end bell combines to ensure rotor stability at extreme speeds.
  • Capable of powering gearboxes with spring rates of M170 at over 20 revolutions per second! (in conjunction with Systema Helical Super Torque Up Gears and 12v 2400mah battery.
  • Please take note that the Systema Magnum Motor (Long Type) is only compatible for use with the Systema Revolution gearbox, and you must enlarge the spur mounting in your grip to house this little beast!