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FPR Blue Steel STI 1911 HOST 4.0

by FPR
Sold out
Original price HK$19,000.00 - Original price HK$19,000.00
Original price HK$19,000.00
HK$19,000.00 - HK$19,000.00
Current price HK$19,000.00
Full Range of FPR products are at BANG BANG!

FPR全套系列及配件正式在Bang Bang發售!#全鋼

相信喜歡收藏和真正識貨的朋友都不會對FPR 品牌陌生, FPR 擁有真正藝術品級的質素. 除了外觀完美, 性能是經過FPR槍匠的精心微調, 完全適合比賽. 我們並可以代訂任何FPR parts.

Real Craftsmanship- FPR. FPR is a gun smith who builds with raw materials, he crafts every part of his guns in his workshop, unlike many other gun smiths who just buy parts from different brands and put them together. #fullsteel