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Ensure Guard Car Kit Dispenser with one 200ml Refill Set

Original price HK$498.00 - Original price HK$498.00
Original price HK$498.00
HK$498.00 - HK$498.00
Current price HK$498.00

The Car Mister is a portable disinfectant misting device designed specifically for use in a vehicle. The non-slip silicon ring at the base of the device and the built-in anti-leak seal cap ensures that the Car Mister sits comfortably and stably in any conventional size cup holders in your vehicle throughout the entire journey, preventing any leaks or spillages from any bumps or humps.


Simply turn on the Car Mister at the beginning of your journey and the air flow of the air conditioning system will automatically circulate Ensure Guard to every corner of the entire vehicle and within the air-conditioning system to ensure that your vehicle is thoroughly disinfected and every passenger is safely protected by Ensure Guard.


The button on the Car Mister allows you to toggle between interval and continuous emission of the ultra-fine mist.


Ensure Guard is a 100% natural sanitizing product with pioneering nano technology that is certified by internationally recognized organizations to be effective against ≥99.99% of all bacteria and viruses with a genuine long-lasting effect and with NO oral toxicity.

In support of the concept of sustainability, all Ensure Guard bottles are also specially designed to be reusable and recyclable.

Product specification

Size:                       (Diameter)53mm/(Height)158mm

Spray Volume:        30-40ml/hour

Charging current:   ≤300mA

Charging voltage:   5V

Charging time:        around 30 mins

Net weight:             92g