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Deep Fire M72A2 Launcher (Metal)

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Generally thought of as a weapon of the Vietnam War era, although has found a new lease of life in the ongoing operations in Iraq, with the U.S. Army and in Afghanistan by the Canadian Army. The low cost and relatively light weight make it ideal for the types of urban combat seen in these places. The M72 LAW was designed to replace the venerable bazooka as the primary anti-tank weapon after the Korean War. This portable one-shot 66mm anti-tank weapon was created by Talley Defense Systems, produced by Nammo Raufoss AS in Norway. The British Army used the Norwegian built version under the designation "Rocket 66mm HEAT L1A1, and is believed that the design of the Soviet RPG-18 is a direct copy.

The Deep Fire M72A2 uses any standard M203 gas BB shower shell (Sold Separately). We tested it with Deep Fire's own M203 shell, Madbull shells, Mosquito Molds, and King Arms shells. All worked great in this launcher. And of course that means you can use HFC134a gas, TOP GAS, Green Gas, Red Gas, or even CO2 in this launcher depending on what your shell takes. (Selected Madbull Shells can take CO2). The shells are easily reloadable into the launcher through a center breech, accessible by opening the back of the launcher. The launcher collapses and extends just like the real thing with flip up sights.

Using BB shower shells, you can shoot just BBs, or you can just load up a fully charged shell and then plug foam rockets, nerf balls, water balloons, or pouches of baking flour into the smooth barrel to eject various fun objects. In the video below, we used a soft rubber NERF stress ball and a DEEP FIRE M203 shell charged with RED GAS.
***N.B. Doesn't include shell in the package***

CAUTION: Do not insert hard or dangerous objects into the launcher. Launching heavy, hard and dangerous projectiles at people from close range can cause serious injury. Use common sense when enjoying this product. It was designed to be enjoyed with harmless soft projectiles only.