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C-MORE - Railway Red Dot Sight (Click Switch & 6 MOA) -Gray

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Original price HK$2,590.00 - Original price HK$2,590.00
Original price HK$2,590.00
HK$2,590.00 - HK$2,590.00
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The Railway sight quickly attaches to Weaver and Picatinny rail style scope mounts. This enables the Railway to be attached to virtually anything! Shotguns, rifles, handguns, revolvers, crossbows, paint ball guns. 

The Heads-Up-Display provides an unobstructed field of view, while the integral mount increases accuracy and eliminates weight by uniting the mount and sight into one unit. This provides the fastest target acquisition in existence today 

Unsurpassed in performance and reliability, C-MORE electronics have proven tough enough to handle the hottest loads from large calibers and full auto. 


C-MORE Systems Red Dot Sights have two intensity switches to choose from, each providing unique adjustment capability and intensity settings. 

The Click switch, with its click adjustable function, has 12 positive positions in which each position is assigned a brightness setting. The 2 Night Vision settings (low and high) can only be seen through NV equipment. The low light setting is 1/2 as bright as the lowest setting on the standard switch. This setting is a must if you are using the sight in low light (hunting, indoor range, other). The final 8 positions give you a wide range of adjustment, with the maximum power setting being bright enough to handle the brightest light condition. The adjustment knob is larger than the standard switch knob. 

The standard switch is a dial rheostat with infinite adjustment capability. The switch functions like the volume knob on a radio, simply dial up the brightness you desire. The adjustment knob is smaller than the click switch knob. 

Interchangeable diode modules allow the use of six optional dot sizes for different applications. These modules produce the brightest, clearest dot available, and extremely long battery life. 

The C-MORE windage and elevation adjustments are designed to hold zero in the toughest environments by using positive locking screws which lock the adjustment screws in position. 

The Railway attaches to the Weaver or Picatinny rail by clamping. Most rail mounts have multiple cross slots for mounting different accessories. The Railway mount has one fixed cross bolt and one adjustable, which allows the sight to be adjusted to fit most applications. Extra cross bolt sets are available upon request. 

C-MORE Railway Red Dot Sight (Click Switch, 6 MOA, Blue) 
Polymer Construction 
Head-Up, both eyes open aiming for greater target ID 
Reflex red dot sight for handguns, rifles, shotguns and snipers 
25mm reflex lens aperture 
12 Level of dot intensity setting 
Comes with built-in mount for standard 20mm Weaver bases 
Remove and remount sight without need to rezero 
Powered by 3V Lithium 
Duracell DL1/3N or Energizer 2L76 battery