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Angry Gun Adjustable Stainless Steel Super Recoil Kit for WA M4 GBB

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A new airsoft company called "Angry Gun" has just released their Super Recoil Kit for gas blowback (GBB) M4 rifles. We already did a test for this kit, and it did not disappoint us with its performance. The blowback feel of our M4 rifle has significantly increased and was enhanced by this thing. Basically a much heavier steel carrier that creates more momentum and recoil on every shoot. Check out the specs:

  • Solid stainless steel construction
  • ROF adjustable
  • Designed as an upgrade for your M4's original recoil kit
  • Truly enhances and increases the blowback (recoil) force
  • Comes with a small L wrench for assembly and adjustment

    This particular kit is suitable for use with WA M4 Series. We found that it also fits the INOKATSU M4 perfectly well!