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Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M4A1 MAX (M150) Recoil Model

by Systema
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HK$18,720.00 - HK$18,720.00
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This is the first entry for Systema in 2016 and knowing them, they always want to make an improvement on their last one! Here is the recoil model, some things have changed and some things have gone back to its original ways! First of all, one of its major features is the electronic blowback system and it now has a ambidextrous fire selector, an M4A1 stock and a smaller diameter Milspec size stock tube to fit any stock out there on the market for an M4 series! The electronic blowback is a nice feature to give that extra realism but will never compare to GBBR. 

Designed for police and military training purposes, the Systema PTW is the ultimate rifle for Airsoft lovers, and a demonstration of Systema's high level of commitment in product quality. Every part of the gun fits together perfectly, with precise aluminum die cast receiver you can feel the body's rigidity being much better than the regular AEG's in the market (like Classic Army, G&P, etc). This is more than just a toy! Real size, real weight and real balance. With all internal components tuned for extreme performance out of the box! Split design type gearbox allows you to swap in and out springs very quickly to change power levels. This M4 MAX First Varient model shoots in semi and full auto! Capable of delivering in excess of 400fps of power which is truly amazing especially with the M150 motor. 

This version of Systema Professional Training Weapon guns feature a whole a whole array of improvements over the older versions. The trigger reaction program has been changed in Micro Second increments to allow a crisp trigger response. One cool feature it has is that they have completely removed the standard tamiya / dean batteries being plugged into the front or back end of the gun. Now the battery is inside their specially designed magazines, which gives it a nice unique touch to it. Charge up the battery from below the magazine then your good to go! 

Shorter stroke Trigger, the PTW mimics the trigger travel of a real firearm. 

Items included:
  • 1x Systema PTW Professional Training Weapon M4A1 MAX (M150) Recoil Model