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Tokyo Marui Model 18C Gas Blowback Pistol

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Tokyo Marui of Japan offers arguably the best Model 17 GBB pistol on the market so it goes without saying that many Airsofters have been waiting for its full auto brother with baited breath for many years. Tokyo Marui does not disappoint. 

On green gas / propane this little beastie clocks in at around 300 fps out of the box; on single it shoots crisp with a nice cycle action and well balanced kick energy but even on HFC134 gas it will clock a tad weaker and cycle slower but still manage full cycling very quickly and smoothly. On full auto, with HFC134 it runs fast, but on green / propane / Top Gas, it is down right psychotic; full rock and roll mode, it will empty its 25 round magazine in about a second, a whole mag in the blink of an eye. More then just another full auto pistol, the Model 18c is quite the terror-inspiring hellish machine. Marui pistols are also the most accurate on the market out of the box, and this model is no exception.

Like classic TM gas weapons, the Model 18c cycles perfectly fine on HFC134 / duster gas - as that is technically its originally intended gas propellant. (it's the only legal gas in Japan, it's home market). But in recent years TM has gone a step further by reinforcing their guns to be more robust, guarding against the rigors of high wear use so much so that it can handle the increased pressure load of green gas / propane / Top Gas. This weapon also accepts a long 50-round magazine (sold separately from Marui) which can also handle HFC and Green gas loads fine. However when running on green gas / Top Gas, the Model 18c tends to have trouble striking the valve completely open, as the hammer spring is a little shy of the strength required to handle the increased gas pressuer. To solve this problem, don't charge your 50round magazine fully. In the future we shall see if our technological geniuses at Redwolf Custom works can work out a stronger hammer spring for this very reason. 

As a TM gun of course it is available in one grade of quality, supreme; with the highest standards in the industry, TM rolls out yet another pistol of top notch quality. As a TM weapon we would like to say it offers a high compatibility with parts for modification but the question of exactly which parts can and can not be fitted to this weapon is something you should ask specifically with our sales department to be absolutely sure. Full auto gas weapon are critically in need of regular maintenance due to extreme operation but this is a high quality product; if you look after her, you can be damn sure she will look after you!

We give this product 2 thumbs up! Highly recommended. 

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