Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S. Green 24 inch Cartridge Shell Ejecting Type


通常価格 HK$4,830.00 セールスプライス HK$3,700.00 保存する HK$1,130.00

Tanaka shows us that shell ejecting is not just for classics, they did it with revolvers and then with shotguns, and now, the m700 AICS model. Now available with an Ultimate Power Upgrade service option from Airsoft Surgeon, this M700 turns into a monster with super high power and precision.

Finished in a rugged surface texture, the M700's receiver is extremely realistic. Comes with an accessory rail for immediate mounting of that big cross hair scope to give it a good SWAT look. Additionally, you can mount a bi-pod underneath. Rubberized butt pad makes the gun comfortable to shoulder. The internal magazine holds 5 rounds, and the gun comes with 5 rounds, although additional shells can be purchased.

Shooting this gun delivers a highly realistic experience with the cocking motion chambering a round and ejecting a shell when you re-cock. The shell ejection does not utilize the bolt pull to push the brass case out but instead uses a spring mechanism to throw it clear so that regardless of how fast or slow you pull the bolt the shells will always eject with the same force in the same direction. The 5-round is meant to be hand loaded into its magazine.

Shells in revolvers recreate that distinctive hand-loading experience, Shells in shotguns recreate that distinctive pump action racking and shell ejecting; now, thanks to Tanaka, that iconic bolt action cycle is now complimented with that distinct long cartridge tumbling out, up and to the right, flipping though the air before coming to rest with that distinctive ring of brass on the floor.

Pick out a nice fat cross hair scope, a folding front bipod, and a rifle transport bag, and you're ready for some serious SWAT action!
Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S. Green 24 inch Cartridge Shell Ejecting Type - Bang Bang Airsoft